August 2012 Forex Account Statement

Welcome to my September 2012 forex monthly income report! I create these reports for several reasons. First, it sort of like an online journal for me to go back in the future. By doing this little thing, it helps me to keep track of how I’m progressing in my trading journey Secondly, I want to … Read more

Forex Trading Results – 2012 August

 Day Day 2012 August Trading activities Profit/Loss (pips) Wed 2012.08.01 No Trade Thu 2012.08.02 No Trade Fri 2012.08.03 No Trade Mon 2012.08.06 No Trade Tue 2012.08.07 No Trade Wed 2012.08.08 No Trade Thu 2012.08.09 No Trade Fri 2012.08.10 No Trade Mon 2012.08.13 No Trade Tue 2012.08.14 No Trade Wed 2012.08.15 No Trade Thu 2012.08.16 No … Read more