How to be a successful forex trader?

Successful forex trader good at managing EQ How to be a successful forex trader? You don’t need rocket science knowledge, nor do you need to know what is going to happen next to the market to succeed in forex trading.  I have met quite a number of highly intelligent, intellectually outstanding traders who possessed super … Read more

Insider secrets of successful forex trading – Being INDIFFERENCE

Successful forex traders are able to overcome their frustration in trading Frustration is one of your worst enemies in trading! ‏In the game of trading, the secrets of successful forex trading are: They are able to master their emotions and frustrations. They are being indifference toward the trading results. Traders who master these secrets win. And the … Read more

So do you to become forex millionaire traders?

Become a forex millionaire by using power of compounding Most of the traders always make mistakes by thinking they’ve to always be trading in the market, always have to do something in their trading account in order to become forex millionaire traders. In reality, they are not aware of the principle of investing is always to … Read more

Can you become the most successful forex traders?

Secrets of successful forex traders: think in terms of odds Can you become the most successful forex traders? Trading/Investing is a form of gambling, it is a betting game. According to the laws of the game, you cannot win due to the built in “odds” or “house advantage” in favor of the house. The longer or … Read more

My Story

I’m 27 year old who makes a part-time living on the Forex trading. I’m now doing my full-time job as pharmaceutical representative in one of the MNC pharmaceutical firm and loving the line work I was in. Trading Forex as my part-time business is what I am passionate with. No, I’m not a millionaire and … Read more

How to install MetaTrader 4 (MT4) iphone app

Install MT4 app on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch 1.   Simply download MetaTrader 4 iPhone app Or you can tap on “App Store” 2.   In the search column, type in MetaTrader 4 3.   Look for MetaTrader 4 and tap on “INSTALL” to download the app 4.   Once you have downloaded and installed the MT4 app, the MetaTrader … Read more

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) iPhone app – Logging in

MT4 iPhone app login guide 1. To log in to your trading account, tap on “Login with existing account”. Note: If you are new to forex trading or do not have live trading account yet, tap on “Open demo account” to get familiar with the MT4 platform first. 2. In the search box, type in … Read more