Daily Confirmation of First Deposit – 2010 January 12

This is my first deposit to my live trading mini account, $268.11. You might wonder why is $268.11 and is not a round figure of $250 or $300? I actually deposit $300 to the Barclays Bank and the $268.11 is the net balance after minus all the charges, which are:

  • Barclays Bank do charge $9.98 fees for all the international deposits.
  • It is very likely that the intermediary bank also charge their fee to transfer the funds in the account.

If you’re a newbie and would like to know what are the charges, please contact your bank to find out the charges of the intermediary bank.

Will $268.11 make me rich in forex business?

No, $268.11 is definitely not the amount of money that can make me rich in forex trading. As a forex newbie, who doesn’t come from a rich family and who just started his first job as pharmaceutical reps after graduation, this the the amount that I feel comfortable to start with and painless even entire account is blown up. Do not be greedy, always trade with the amount of you can afford to lose.

What’s Next?

I am very exciting now to go for live for my first trade, by using the trading system which I have learned from the forex course I attended October last year. There are two systems and I will just use them for my trading:

  1. Breakout system, which shows 77% winning probability with take profit of 3,744 pips from 2009 Jan to 2009 May.
  2. Trend system, which shows 1,004% portfolio growth in just 3 years.

I will keep posting on the trading results on these two systems and I really hope these system can bring me the winning trade for my very first forex live trading.

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