Does My 9 Days Vacation Affects My Forex Trading Performance?

I have been traveling to Macau and Hong Kong for my annual vacation from October 12, 2012 to October 20, 2012. Thanks God for throughout the trip, there was no rainy days and the weather was just fantastic.

Macau is a good place to visit if you like the historical places and heritage buildings. And of course, there are plenty of resorts and casinos around. Talking about gambling, there are difference between gambling vs. forex trading.

A replica of the Grand Canal Shoppes is built at The Venetian Macao in Macau

For Hong Kong, if you were going there by yourselves, don’t just take MTR. Instead, take their double-decker bus and you will able to see the amazing and breathtaking views of Hong Kong city especially during night!

Victoria Peak Hong Kong- The neon lights of Hong Kong’s giant skyscrapers are most majestic at night. Unfortunately, the sky is a bit hazy.

No trade from Oct 12, 2012 to Oct 20, 2012 during my vacation, but I earned a priceless peace of mind in trading.



Back to forex trading. My 9 days vacation does not affects my forex trading performance at all. I do not have any difficulties to trade or monitor my trading during the whole trip. The trading timezone of Macau and Hong Kong is GMT +8. All I need to do is to monitor my trade once a day during 5am (DST) Hong Kong time using the MT4 app on my iPad and WIFI connection from hotel.

Most of the time, I only wake up at 7am or 8am, (as the interesting night life and attractive night views of Hong Kong cause me to sleep late almost every night . But this does not affect my trading performance. (Will share more tips on this during my next posting). After about one minutes of checking trade, I can totally free my mind from all the trading stuffs and enjoy my trip to the fullness!

During these 9 days vacation, there were no trade and hence no earnings for me. But I earn a priceless peace of mind and I have a full control over my forex trading business. If I were to trade using other manual forex strategy which require 3 or 4 hours of monitoring, I know that I will not able to peacefully enjoy my vacation, for sure.

Forex Trader vs. Pharmaceutical Representative

Compared to my currently pharmaceutical job, I have to worried:

  • Whether the sales in coming with the absence of my service.
  • Is there any hiccup happened to my customer that need my help to solve, otherwise may possible switch to competitor products.

Forex Trading System and Trading Lifestyle

The type of the forex trading system/strategy we used has very much influence on the type of trading lifestyle we are going to live thereafter. For the past 3 years, I have traded many difference trading system and experienced difference type of trading lifestyle.

There is one that I still remember until today and is the worst trading lifestyle I ever experienced. It required me to monitor the forex market as many hours as possible during both day and night. Even though there are little profit from it, but the amount of time spent definitely not worth that kind of money earned.

I feel very fortunate that the forex system (SimplePips Forex System) that I trade currently is just suitable and fit my trading lifestyle. That leaves me zero worries for my forex trading business whether I am working or on holiday.

Why I didn’t go for forex robot/EA? Stay tune for more sharing.

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