Download complete high quality minute (M1) alpari forex historical data for metatrader 4

On my MT4, there are certain period where the bar is missing:
For example:
2012.03.21 – 2012.04.12
2012.09.21 – 2012.10.03
I have already download the data from history center in MT4, but the problem still the same. What should I do?
Your strategy tester may appear to have mismatch chart errors or modelling quality less than 90%. This is due to on occasions,, there are gaps in the price data in the history center. If this happens, then the chart is not uploading correctly. If those gaps occur within the past few months, it is possible to retrieve the missing data by refreshing the chart.

You can do this as follows (please note that the below is an example, your data will be different):

Please go to the price gap in your history center and mark a few of the last entries before the gap:

Please delete about ten entries and close the history center.

Then right click in the currency pair chart and select “Refresh”.

MT4 Historical Data Alpari
Please check on your chart if the missing price data is now appearing. It might not work the first time. It is possible that you have to refresh the chart up to three or four times.
Once the data is in the chart, you should also be able to see it in the history center.

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