Forex Metatrader 4 (MT4) Historical Data Download

Regardless which forex brokers you’re using, simply follow the steps described below to download quotes from the History Center in your MetaTrader 4 terminal:

1. Firstly, increase the ‘max bars in history’ in MetaTrader 4 by clicking on Tools>Options>Charts and entering ’9999999999999′. Be aware that using larger volumes of data will increase the load on your PC.
2. Go to the ‘History Center’ in MetaTrader 4 by clicking on Tools>History Center.
3. Choose the time-frame for the particular instrument you are interested in (for example, double-click on EURUSD|1 min), double click on it and press Download.

MetaTrader 4 should now download the full history of M1 quotes for the specific instrument selected directly from the History Center and import it into MT4.

You may want to download the free  historical data or buy it from third party website, there are such services out there.

Lesson: But from my experience, I have tried to download the free data from a third party website who claimed to have the most complete & accurate historical data and run it on my Mt4, but the data wasn’t accurate at all. (Possibly, it could due to I don’t know how to execute it on my MT4). The website is here

(Credit: Alpari UK)

Problem with Missing Historical Data?

What happened if you have already done the above steps yet there are still “holes” in your data and some bars are missing?

Click here to solve the problem: Download high quality minute (m1) alpari history data for metatrader

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