January 2013 Forex Account Statement

Welcome to my January 2013 forex monthly income report!

I create these reports for several reasons.

First, it sort of like an online journal for me to go back in the future. By doing this little thing, it helps me to keep track of how I’m progressing in my trading journey

Secondly, I want to be the FIRST forex trader who is transparent about everything he do in trading. As so far I did not bump into any traders who post or share their real results and income. I share so that you can learn from my wins, as well as from my losses too.

Lastly, I share the income number because it does inspire me to constantly make improvement and hope that it can help to inspire you as well in trading.

I don’t do this to showoff or pretend like I’m better than anybody else, because I’m not. I just take action and execute what I have learned, and these are my results.

For the month of January, there is a profit of total $58.17

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