MetaTrader 4 (MT4) iphone app – Quotes Tab

On the MT4 app, there are 5 main control tabs to manage your forex trading account, i.e. Quotes, Chart, Trades, History and Settings.

I will go through each of the control tabs and let’s me show you the Quotes in this session.

1. Once you have successfully logged in to your trading account (or in future every time you open the MT4 app), the app will immediately takes you to the quotes section, where all the currency pairs and CFDs are listed.

a. How to read the currency pairs’ in different view.

The default view is “Simple” where it shows the Bid and Ask price in standard view.

You can tap “Advanced” to if you want to know the spread and the low & high of the currency pairs. Besides, the last 2 numbers of the price also in larger font and highlighted for your easy monitoring.

b. How to add more currency pairs.

1. To add more currency pairs, tap the “+” on the top left corner and you will see the “Add Symbol” page.

2. Tap on the “Forex” and you will see a lists of currency pairs available for trading.

3. For each currency pairs, there are both green arrow “>” and blue “+”.

If you want to add the currency pair, tap on “+” and the particular pair will be added to your quotes list and allow you to trade.

If you tap on the “>”, you will able to see the currency pairs in detail.

c. How to delete unwanted currency pairs or switch their position.

1. Tap on the “Edit” to switch the currency pairs position or delete symbol.

2. Select the pair you want to delete and delete it by tapping on the “red dustbin” at the upper right corner.

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