My Forex Account Monthly Statements – Income Reports

Every month, I journal my trading performance and write an income report based on my Alpari UK live trading account monthly statement. I do a print screen of the monthly statement, which sent by  Alpari (UK) Ltd. ( ) to my gmail account. I think that this is the most real and honest way as no modification can be made. (Note that I has rubbed off my A/C number no. and name)

You can find my monthly statement start from the first month I trade live in forex market, January 2010, regardless of its performance. If you go through them, you will find that most of the times are losing month as I am still learning and training myself to become forex winner.

I always begin by mentioning the things I did within the month and what are the impacts on my forex performance. Then, finish with what I’ve learned. There is no hype or trick on these reports, It’s my hope that you can take away the useful wisdom that will help your current forex trading performance. This way, you don’t have to go through the mistakes or unnecessary time-wasting efforts that I did before.

Monthly Statements

Annual Reports

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