So do you to become forex millionaire traders?

Become a forex millionaire by using power of compounding

Most of the traders always make mistakes by thinking they’ve to always be trading in the market, always have to do something in their trading account in order to become forex millionaire traders. In reality, they are not aware of the principle of investing is always to preserve the capital and not to lose money first. The losses will ruin your account ability to compound and will even blow up your trading account eventually if you are always in the market.

It is not possible for you to get rich overnight by trading forex. However, with the power of compounding effect, you will be able to become forex millionaire. Take for example, if your system manages to give you an average 50% rate of return annually, you can compound an initial capital of:

  • $10,000 account to over $576,000 in 10 years, $4,378,000 in 15 years and $33,252,000 in 20 years
  • $25,000 account to over $1,441,000 in 10 years, $10,947,000 in 15 years and $83,131,418 in 20 years
  • $50,000 account to over $2,883,000 in 10 years, $21,894,000 in 15 years and $166,262,000 in 20 years

Find the ways to become a millionaire that best suit for you

Compounding is the magic of investing. Think about that, if you are aged at 25 years old now, and start compounding, what will your financial strength be at the age of 35, 40 or 45? Don’t think it takes very long time, it actually is just a matter of “a glimpse of an eye”! So, please prepare for your future for the sake of your loved ones from now on before it is too late.

In other words, compounding is essential. You can be a day trader, make 50% to 100% a year, and spend all your profit each year. Or you can day trade and compound your 50% a year for 20 or more years and become rich. But compounding is not easy to do in a society forever focused on instant gratification.

Dear traders, do you want to become forex millionaire traders? If many traders can thrive and flourish in a compounded world and become very rich, why can’t you? You can, too! Let’s strive together to achieve our goals, cheers!

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