Successful day traders always pay thier dues first before they become winners

True Journey of the successful day traders stories

When they begin testing your system for the first time, while they may be confident it will work, but they can’t be certain. So it’s best to commit only money they can afford to lose at this stage.

As they “successfully pay their dues”, acquire the habits of the Master Investor, and prove their system works, they will eventually achieve the state of unconscious competence. They will know when they have reached this point, they will happily invest their entire net worth in their system without giving it a second thought and with peace of mind!

“To pay your dues” means you must make your own mistakes, own up to them, take responsibility for them, and learn from them. “Successfully paying your dues” means graduating into the state of unconscious competence where applying all your rules has become second nature.

The crucial test is how you will react under pressure and stress. It is at these times your old habits are most likely to emerge from wherever they were hiding in your subconscious – and get in your way. Replacing habits you don’t want and mastering new ones requires CONSTANT

Most successful day traders able to pull their trigger every time the signals come.

As a day trader, if you fail to pull the trigger whenever the new signals appear, that shows you have either lost confidence in the system or you can’t take the losses. If this happened to you, I guarantee you will never able become successful traders regardless what trading system you use.

Please resume your trading using your demo account to regain your confidence or lower your lot size in your live account to match your tolerance level until you are able to pull your trigger every time the signals come. Therefore, it takes time and commitment to become a successful day traders in forex!

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