The fastest way to master anything is to study with the Master of an Art

When Warren Buffett first read “The Intelligent Investor” he was hooked. Benjamin Graham gave him everything Buffett had been looking for in a complete package: an investment philosophy, proven investment method, and a complete and well tested system. All he had to do was learn how to apply it.

Graham became his mentor. Buffett studied with Graham, worked for him, and became a Graham “clone.”

Buffett recalled: “The fastest way to master anything is to study with the Master of an Art. A few hours spent at the feet of the Master proved far more valuable to me than had ten years of supposedly original thinking.”

If someone has already perfected the method of investing that appeals to you, why reinvent the wheel?

Seek him out. If necessary, offer to work for him for nothing (as Buffett offered to Graham).

If that’s not possible you can still adopt your mentor by long distance. Read and study everything you can about him and his methods. When you are thinking about making an investment always ask yourself: “What would he do?”

Remember, getting the right advice from the right mentor can save you tens of thousands of unnecessary losses, many years of trials & errors, and shorten your path to financial success!

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