Unfair Advantage: Save 3 years costly mistakes – How to identify the best profitable forex robots

With today’s fast paced forex trading market, choosing the best Forex robot has taken on a major challenge in Forex trading. The use of a Forex robot is basically one of the important methods employed by a trader to buy or sell on the Forex spot market.

There continues to be a debate, however, as to which is a more beneficial manner for placing Forex trades—using autotrading or employing the service of a human trader. Obviously, an automated trading situation can accommodate more trades per market than any human can cope with.

Additionally, with autotrading, trades are placed in real time and a trader can replicate these actions across several timeframes and on more than one market. What’s more, robots are not subject to the emotional ups and downs of human traders.

On the other hand, even the best Forex robot can be subject to scams and frauds. Traders do not always understand how the system works and this leaves them vulnerable to all sorts of the forex system vendor’s rip-offs. It can lead not only to the robots placing inappropriate trades but result in blowing out your entire trading account!

In addition, robots are not easy to set up and choices for customized trading strategies can be complicated for novice traders. If not fully understood, trading activity can go unmonitored and consequently lead to losses.

You and I know that there is no shortcut for business, including forex trading. Buying a Forex trading system may offer you convenient or proven method to chase your dream, but you still need to be smart enough to distinguish between a fake/cheating forex system and a real genuine forex system that can bring you profits.

How Profiting from Forex can be SAFE & CONSISTENT

Every alternate day, I receive emails from my readers/traders regarding forex trading. I will normally spend at least half an hour a day to reply them. Among the questions that always being asked is:

  1. How to choose the true and genuine forex robots?
  2. Which are the best profitable forex robots?

So, I decide to compile and summary all my answers in my ebook, called Unfair Advantage of Forex Trading: “Save 3 years costly mistakes” – How to identify the best profitable forex robots.

Over the past 5 years, I have attended several forex courses, buying forex robots and also blown out few accounts with these robots.

Why? Because some of these robots are actually scam. Worst still, I am not able to get back my money even though there is money back guarantee! And these robots are not cheap after all, ranging from $249 up to $1229 (like the example shown below)! During that time, nobody teach me how to choose the genuine forex robots.

My main objective of writing this ebook is to share with you my wisdom and experience over the past 5 years. I have already wasted so many precious time and hard earned money; I don’t want you to repeat the same costly mistakes.

However this ebook is not for everyone. I won’t expect many people buying this ebook. In fact, the more people read my ebook, the more competitive and difficult to become the 5% forex winner group.

Discover How You Can Make Consistent Passive Income Safely and Explode Your Wealth

Many traders who fall into the 95% may not due to their poor money management, wrong trading psychology or trading mindset. In fact, many of these traders are already well equipped with good money management and right trading mindset, what they are lacking is a right and genuine forex trading robots to help them to become the 5% of the forex winner!

If you are not well equip with good money management or trading psychology, I advise you don’t rush into buying my ebook and waste your money. You will end up become another loser in forex trading like many people out there.

After that, then only you decide whether to buy my ebook or not. This is because I want to make sure my ebook really reach out to the right person to make a real profit to their forex trading journey.

What is including in my ebook are:


Unfair Advantage: How to identify the best profitable forex robots

1. Identity the TRUE & GENUINE forex trading robot

2. Do forex robots have their trading results verified?

3. How to recognise “manipulated myfxbook” account?

4. Identify the best profitable forex robots – 10 crucial steps

  • Does “track record” verified?
  • Does “trading privileges” verified?
  • Does the broker being listed as others?
  • Gain and absolute gain?
  • Does this account use the custom start date?
  • Real or demo account?
  • How much is the drawdown?
  • Relatively long history account?
  • Using screenshots as proof?
  • History is private?

5. Don’t be fooled by the gain, is demo account reliable?

6. Identify type of Forex Robots that suit you.

  • Trending
  • Scalpers
  • Martingale

7. How to know if Forex robots vendors provide good customer service even before you buy?

8. How to distinguish the “real” Money Back Guarantee from the “so-called” Money Back Guarantee?

9. What’s the most important thing to do after receiving your Forex Robots?


Unfair Advantage: How to identify the best profitable forex robots (Bonus)

1. The top 10 most viewed forex systems

2. The top 10 best profitable forex robots

3. The characteristics of top 10 forex robots

4. Live performance is what matters – past performance is only a filter to dispose of poor strategies.

5. This Forex Robot is negative in pips but making big money?

6. Do 95% of retail traders really fail?

7. Case Study: Choosing the best Forex robots

  • Forex Growth Bot
  • Fap Ultra
  • WallStreet Forex robot
  • NumberOne Impulsive Scapler


Again, I write this ebook is to help those 95% of the traders to get in to the 5% forex winners.

Kindly go to contact us to send me an email to get the ebook for $19.90 (limited 3 days promotion)

However, if you think forex trading is not for you; don’t even bother to continue reading. I don’t want you to waste your money and time on my ebook.


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Good luck to you.

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  • You want to create a new source of SAFE & CONSISTENT income
  • You want to choose proven strategies/robots to expand your Forex profits
  • You want to find a safe forex robot to trade for consistent income
  • The secrets to paying for your holidays & monthly expenses


  • How to make 5% – 10%* your returns per month conservatively
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  • How profitting from Forex can be SAFE, CONSISTENT and CONSERVATIVE

RETAIL PRICE : $ 49.97


This is an Instant Download in Adobe PDF format

It can be viewed on any smartphone, tablet, computer or printed on your printer.

Transaction handled over via secure online payments provided by Paypal, one of the most trusted names on the Internet.

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