Who has made BIG money with a BIG trading account consistently in Forex?

Here is one of the thread I started in Forex Factory forum:

Dear Forex Factory’s Traders,

A little bit background on myself:
I have been trading forex LIVE since Jan 2010 and never give up until today
My biggest challenge is that I have no confidence to put in BIG money (say about $30k, which is 50% of my total savings) to forex broker (say Alpari UK), as I afraid forex broker will hunting my money if the account is doing well and profitable!

This thread is to find out forex traders who has make BIG money with BIG trading account consistently over the years.
The main objective finding out these is to help me to build up my confidence that it is POSSIBLE to make BIG money in forex market!
As I have heard and seen many traders out there are losing their money and hardly seen traders who are able to consistently make BIG money from forex over the years; and those always showing face to make BIG money are non other than the forex EA/system vendors! but how true is the truth?

If it is really almost impossible to make BIG money even with BIG account from forex market consistently, I might as well stop spending time and energy to focus on stock market or real estate/property market; at least it is proven to be POSSIBLE to make BIG money and profitable from stock and real estate market!

REAL Forex LIVE Account With More Than $10,000 deposit

I think i had just found some answer to my above queries.
Following are the forex vendors and/or traders’ LIVE account which I found on myfxbook:
I think some of them really put a BIG deposit
Will updates on the period soon

Track Record Not Verified
Trading Privileges Verified
Broker: Forex MMCIS
Deposits: $10000.00
Balance: $255827.91
Equity:(100.00%) $255827.91
Highest: (Feb 25) $302827.33
Profit: $375140.76
Interest: -$1455.05
Traders: Vitaliy Berezhnoy (Manual)

Track Record Not Verified
Trading Privileges Verified
Broker: World Pro FX
Deposits: $9982.87
Balance: $38247.21
Equity:(92.72%) $35461.51
Highest: (Apr 11) $38247.21
Profit: $28144.14
Interest: -$3438.97
System: Tom’s EA (Automated)

Track Record Verified
Trading Privileges Not Verified
Broker: FX Choice
Deposits: $50000.00
Balance: $71110.08
Equity:(100.00%) $71110.08
Highest: (Jan 31) $105208.94
Profit: $21110.08
Interest: -$7697.35
System: FapTurbo (Automated)

Track Record Verified
Trading Privileges Verified
Broker: Alpari US
Deposits: $10000.00
Balance: $49984.26
Equity:(100.00%) $49984.26
Highest: (Mar 15) $50090.06
Profit: $39984.26
Interest: -$539.60
System: Expert Advisor TFOT (Automated)

Track Record Verified
Trading Privileges Verified
Broker: EGlobal
Deposits: $105250.00
Balance: $115265.74
Equity:(104.95%) $120965.74
Highest: (Apr 12) $115265.74
Profit: $91042.34
Interest: $0.00
System: Scalper (Manual)

Track Record Verified
Trading Privileges Verified
Broker: Sparen FX
Deposits: $50000.00
Balance: $333681.96
Equity:(100.00%) $333681.96
Highest: (May 09) $425642.75
Profit: $283681.96
Interest: $152.12
System: Trading Company (Mixed)

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